Wednesday, February 6, 2008

SUPER TUESDAY PRIMARIES: Clinton, Obama Draw Even, McCain Takes Commanding Lead in GOP Race

The figures from the biggest day of primary voting in US history are coming in, and reveal a lot of interesting detail about the make-up of the campaigns. Sen. John McCain was the day's big winner, though he did not win enough delegates to seal the nomination. McCain, still struggling to convince many conservative Republicans, won 9 states on the day, including the big states of California, Illinois, Missouri, New York and New Jersey.

The Democratic contest was more complicated: Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York won her home state, as well as the big prize of California, but many of her victories were closer margins, whereas Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois won many smaller states, and by enormous margins, taking Idaho 80% to 17%, Alaska 74% to 25%, Kansas (where he was born) 74% to 25%, Minnesota 67% to 32% and Colorado by the same margin. There is some speculation that when the counting is done, Obama, who won more states but with much smaller populations, may come away with more delegates, due to the Democratic party's proportional delegate assignment rules.

Fmr. Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney won 6 states, possibly 7 if Alaska officially goes his way, including a 90% to 5% margin over McCain in Utah (Romney is a Mormon, Mormons comprising the majority of Utah's population). Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee also won 5 states, and has declared his intention to stay in the race and keep fighting for the nomination.

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CNN Political Ticker reports Obama, Clinton separated by only a 0.4% margin in Super Tuesday voting: "By midday Wednesday, 14,645,638 votes were reported cast for either Obama or Clinton on Tuesday. Clinton had won 7,350,238 of those votes (50.2 percent) while Obama captured 7,295,400 votes (49.8 percent)."

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